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If you have experienced breast cancer and would like to help inspire and encourage other women who are just beginning their breast cancer journeys, please share your story with us.

Real-life stories such as yours are vital in inspiring others and encouraging those fighting breast cancer.

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me and carol back of scrubs email Pat Warren’s Pink Story - Breast cancer treatment 24 years ago Pat Warren At age 52 I had a voluntary double mastectomy (after removal of a cancer tumour in each breast, six months apart. I wasn’t too surprised when my biopsy came back positive; my mother died from BC, and my family history is ‘littered’
Group of women wearing pink Carrie’s Story - I was diagnosed here in Harare at The Well Woman clinic in June 2002.The first feeling I had – I was AFRONTED! I had been fit and working as a physiotherapist. However looking back I think I had burnt out. I had, had a routine check up which showed up